There is no charge to the client for any of EMT's services, except for the premium service.

Our primary service is providing free evaluations of the patient's medical records and cost estimates for the expected care in the fields in which we specialize. This process is started by contacting us through the contact form on the Write or Call Us page.

Premium Service

This service includes all of the above, plus:

  • 1. Meet and greet at the airport by a English/German speaker.
  • 2. Provide a phone that works at the airport.
  • 3. Transport to hotel and/or hospital.
  • 4. Help patient with admission.
  • 5. Help patient with doctor interviews.
  • 6. Be with patient before and after surgery with staff experienced in that medical procedure.
  • 7. Make hotel reservations.
  • 8. Be there at doctor office visits.
  • 9. Accompany and take patients and family members on tour activities.
  • 10. Currency conversion and payment.
  • 11. Restaurant recommendations.
  • 12. Translators for non-English speakers.
  • 13. Assistance with documentation and insurance claims.

Convalescence in Europe

The tourism opportunities in Europe are almost endless. Our travel agencies have Rhine/Danube boat cruises and Italian villa plans are particularly attractive for many of our clients.